Love from my Clients

Sarah Gray

Sarah was feeling overwhelm with her new online biz "I arrived at Jodee’s coaching session in a complete flap about website, sales funnels, sales landing pages and goodness knows what else. However, I need not have worried as within ten minutes I had a coffee, a warm croissant and more importantly, a focus. Jodee listened to my chaos and steered me to the most pressing task which would mean I could move forward - the dreaded Sales Landing Page! Armed with the formula and an example, I started writing. At intervals, I had Jodee check my hard labour which often resulted in me returning to my laptop with a downward smile…I just couldn’t seem to get it right. Jodee never gave up, she proof read, she threw examples at me and she pointed me back to the formula again and again. Gradually it became clearer and to my delight and surprise, at the end of the session there it was in front of me; my first ever Sales Landing Page Copy - woo hoo! I was over the moon and so excited to write the next one. Jodee has a unique knack of not doing it for you, more, giving you the tools teamed with her incredible support and pushing you to achieve it yourself. Thank you Jodee. x

Jacqueline Conroy

Jacqueline is a very happy coaching client "I knew I wanted to create an online course and I paid a shed load of money with a well known academy but this only took me so far. I was floundering around and then Jodee Peevor came into my life. She gave me the tools to focus my attention, create a sales funnel that would work for me and get what I wanted. I am so excited to be about to launch my own online academy! Working with Jodee has been an honour - she is patient, brilliantly focussed, has boundless knowledge and energy. Most importantly she knew how to help me achieve what I wanted from my business and for this I am so grateful"

Olivia Horgan

Olivia now understands her competition much better "Jodee warned me about the brain fry with this course! She was right but it was totally worth it! A bit of focus, one step at a time and it unlocked a whole world of information that left me feeling really on top of this biz stuff! Jodee has developed a great course that has left me confident and focused on setting up my business with the security that it will be well placed in the market. Don't let fear of the competition make you give up on your dream business, Jodee's course provides the background information on which you can build the foundations for your very own (beautiful) place in the market!!"

June 2015

Olivia's sales funnel is now strong and relevant for her target market "This course is essential if you want your business to work for you rather than becoming a slave to the hard sell. Jodee gave me great advice on how to group my services and offer them in a way that potential customers buy willingly. She does this with real integrity and stresses the importance of generosity in business. This is such a refreshing approach to increasing my customer base. Thank you Jodee - I have had real fun with this one, there are so many ways to design my sales funnel, it's great to keep coming back, tweaking it and discovering new ways to offer my customers lovely new services!!"

May 2015

Jacqueline loves her new website "I reached out to Jodee when I was in a pickle with my website. She offered advice, help me sort out a challenging situation and was so generous with her time I felt assured that all would be well - and it was. Jodee has brilliantly led me through my website development with practical advice, understanding and patience and just getting it sorted. Jodee gets heart-centred businesses and is helping me and my new website shine. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not work with this generous, motivated, energetic, empowering woman because her energy and talent rubs off on everything and everyone she touches."

Olivia understands her target market and her "why" so much better now "Today Jodee coached me through the 'biz in a nutshell' and ‘identifiers’. Wow! what a difference it has made. I’ve been struggling with this myself for months and after a fun, dynamic session with Jodee I now know what my business is about and which customers I want to attract. Jodee asks great questions, gives plenty of space to think and offers really useful suggestions. I couldn’t have got this result by myself and I can’t imagine how I would have moved forward with my business without it! I feel so much more confident and enthusiastic about getting out there, telling people about my business and taking the next step in this journey!"

April 2015

Rosemarie says "Jodee is an absolutely fabulous coach! Seriously supportive, giving and sharing and caring. After working with Jodee for a couple of weeks - I already had myself 2 new clients! Jodee has it all - experience with business but also her experience of websites and the client user journey and sales pages all in all makes for a super business coach. I am just so glad I found her when I did."

March 2015

Gosh I'm feeling the love today! Superb ladies Julie and Anne needed some mailchimp support and gave me some super validation xx
"Thanks Jodee Peevor You are eternally saving me and a true wealth of information. Much appreciated!"
"I'm mustering the energy to go into MailChimp world today myself. Jodee is the bomb with this stuff!! She SAVED me last month. I mean, I was a puddle on the floor and she mopped me and my MailChimp mess up."

February 2015

Ooooeeee I love my clients! Here's Rebecca Kane sharing her thoughts -
"Jodee is possibly the most responsive tech person I have EVER worked with.
I was used to waiting days for a response - not great as I'm a fast worker and like to get things done, but Jodee's customer service has blown me away - more often than not having a response within the hour, many times even quicker!
For over 5 years I've been working with wordpress and I didn't think I could be converted, but I think Jodee may have done just that with Joomla! It's so easy to use and building my site has been a fun experience and I have been able to add much more functionality to it with ease.
Jodee is super generous with her time, knowledge and tech. Often just 'popping' into my site to resolve an issue (of my creating) to get me working again.
I can't recommend her enough!"
And my lovely friends is why I FRICKING LOVE THIS!

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