Jodee's Why

Dear fabulous yet tech-frustrated,

Do you have an awesome business idea and want to get it online but you’re getting fed-up with all the tech stuff? 
Does it seem like everyone else has this nailed and you’re the only one struggling?
How would it feel to have a go-to tech pal to help you learn all this online biz stuff quickly and easily?
If you answered OMG YES to these questions, I have exciting news for you!
My name is Jodee Peevor, and I have created the most exciting and incredible course ever to help you start your online business… and I got the idea when I was 12 years old! 

Well sort of… allow me to explain:

Growing up in a military family is exciting and you live in lots of wonderful countries but it does also mean you live in a lot of different places… which can be difficult.

When I was twelve we moved into my 10th home and a new school for Jodee to make new friends despite joining half-way through the year.

I made lots of friends but flitted from group to group never really feeling I belonged or was needed.

I played up and got into trouble trying to be the class clown and make everyone laugh because it made me feel more popular. I was put on report card and threatened with expulsion having already been suspended for swinging from the oil pipes in the changing rooms (again trying to entertain the masses).

My saviour appeared in the form of my Science teacher who realised I needed a focus and so he created a new role just for me - Computer Room Monitor.

Suddenly I had a reason for being and a reason for people to need me and I quickly rose to the challenge of my new role as "go-to tech girl". I realised that if I always knew slightly more than the other girls I was massively valuable to them and I suddenly felt needed like I never had before.

I grew up, got married and was working as an Accountant for a large firm in the UK when I started maternity leave with my first child, a little boy called Sam in 2005, and I had the opportunity to explore the idea of not being employed anymore and instead to build a little online business of my own.


Figuring out what floats your boat when you can literally do anything you want is quite tricky.

I firstly began my new biz as a PR lady for the local biz who had provided my birth pool and over time they increased my role to running their events and managing their website and boom there it was - I felt that same exhilaration working on their website as I had when I was twelve as Computer Room Monitor and go-to-tech-girl and I knew this was what I was meant to do.

I have loved building online businesses for the past ten years but I realised that there’s more to it than that - I love helping people.

And all of this tech stuff can be confusing.
We don’t want to pay an arm and a leg... we still want to do this ourselves!
And that is when I realised I needed to take what I have learned… all my tools… and give them to you… so you have the support you so desperately need.

I want to help YOU become totally fabulous online! So as well as my wonderful one to one package I built an Academy for people to jump in and learn everything I have to offer at a fraction of the price of working one to one with me - because my message is important and I want to be able to share it with as many people as possible no matter what their budget xxx
love the leap flip

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